Occupy The Machine Launches New Web Page!

Check out the new occupy the machine web-site: http://www.occupythemachine.net

Occupy the Machine: An Escalating Campaign Against Fossil Fuel Extraction Begins This April

The largest industrial project on the face of the earth, Alberta, Canada’s Tar Sands(Photo originally posted here) In Honor of Struggles Against the Extraction Industry Everywhere In Memory of the Workers Whose Lives Were Taken By BP Two Years Ago, Join Us In Saying: “CLEAN AIR AND WATER FOR ALL” “TAKE BACK EARTH DAY!” LET’S […]

What Are You Prepared to Do?

Occupy the Machine – Stop the 1%, Literally

Our Bodies Will Be Our Demand Occupy the Machine is an ad hoc umbrella group using serious, sustained direct action campaigns to shut down major targets that destroy the land and exploit humans, permanently. Subscribe to this website to be notified when the target is announced. And, pass it on…Occupy the Machine has started. ### […]