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OTM Call for Fundraising

Calling all Occupy The Machine friends and allies!

Our campaign is going to need serious funding for training, equipment, and other logistical needs. We need your help to move forward with one aspect of our fundraising campaign: organize fundraisers in YOUR local

We welcome direct donations from individuals. You could approach local groups, clubs, or community groups on our behalf and ask them to donate to us. If you need a fundraising letter, or have one to share, please get in touch with OTM Fundraising.

The fundraising committee is also asking you to consider planning and carrying out fundraising events like these:

-Raffles/Rummage Sales
-Food Events
-Film Benefits
-Music Benefits
-Skill Shares
-Speaking gigs at community centers, activist spaces, or local
colleges–harness the power of clubs and honarariums for speakers.
(Some speakers may available via Skype.)

Keep in mind that if your group chooses to do so, you can split any funds you raise between your local efforts and Occupy The Machine. Please contact OTM Fundraising (otmfundraising[at]riseup[dot]net) if you want to plan an event.

Thank you so much for your support!


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