Points of Unity

Public solidarity: Members of the coalition don’t criticize or attack other members in public. We deal with disagreements or conflict privately and within the coalition. Systemic change: An industrial economy based on fossil fuels—with all the human and ecological damage that entails—cannot be sustainable. It cannot be reformed, it can only be stopped. The same goes for capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy, and other such systems of oppression. This campaign is not seeking piecemeal adjustments from those in power, because only by confronting industrial capitalism directly can we ensure a real future for life on this planet.

Direct and decisive action: We know that symbolic action is not enough. This campaign aims to decisively shut down a piece of fossil-fuel infrastructure for the long term. Our goal is not simply to make a statement—it is to show that real, substantive resistance is possible. We will do that by being successful, even if it costs us. This will require civil disobedience. But not everyone involved needs to break the law and risk arrest—there are many important and active roles that aren’t on the immediate front lines. Undertaking decisive action and using civil disobedience means that we must also pledge to support those who are arrested as much as we can.

Sustained Commitment: One or two day-long actions will never be enough permanently shut down parts of the fossil fuel infrastructure. This campaign will take sacrifice and commitment on the part of many for a sustained period of time. We envision an unprecedented scale of action against the fossil fuel industry. We must move forward with a willingness to support ourselves and each other. We must be able to maintain focus and direction as days stretch to weeks and weeks stretch to months. It will not be easy, but it is possible.

Diversity of tactics: Winning will mean using a variety of tactics and working with a variety of allies. This campaign is based on nonviolent direct action, and we aren’t suggesting to anyone that they go beyond that in this campaign. That said, people around the world routinely use property destruction and self-defense to protect their communities and land. The coalition partners in this campaign are using aboveground, nonviolent direct action, but we also understand that people are more important than profits and that the land is more important than property. We support a diversity of tactics and won’t condemn people simply for using tactics different from our own.

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